self portrait small for fb

Self portrait 2015

Writer, artist, photographer, monkey.

I have many and varied interests because life is for being creative and learning from others.  It’s also more fun that way – I never came across an epitaph saying ‘I wish I spent more time dusting’

The world is a beautiful place and friends and lovers are the best things anyone can have (Dog says ‘except for dogs’ – I say he is included in friends – he says ‘that’s OK then’ and goes back to sleep)

I try to be honest with myself – not always easy (and not always succesful) but worth it in the long run. I grew up in an extended family that valued respect,, tolerance and compassion – and also engaged in heated political debate; all spectrum of views and beliefs from Tory to Communist being present at the table!  I remember my childhood as full of adventure and exploration. Sometimes we had money but we also knew what it was like to count pennies. We were never truly poor because we always had opportunities and resources. Something my parents pointed out to me as meaning we were privileged and lucky.