the still life of junk

You have found the place where I store the products of my imagination.

junk shelf-5

Pots and pieces.

Feel free to browse, take stuff off the shelf and examine it.

This site represents my contribution to a re-imagining of the socio-economic order in which we live. Away from profit and exploitation towards a sharing economy that respects each and every one of us as individuals and the natural world on which we depend.

So I don’t make money from my creative endeavours. I don’t submit to magazines or agents or editors. I publish my work for free. My novels are on Wattpad Rats in the Pipes and other stories

My poems are on this blog and my art – well I take it along to fairs and car boots and I flog it direct to anyone who likes it. No paying 70% fees to galleries.

Anyone can look, share and enjoy without it costing anything. The profit motive is removed from the creative process. I accept that one can’t be absolute about it. In this day and age it’s impossible to live untainted by capitalism. But shifting the primary focus on to the enjoyment of creating and away from making money frees me of constraints. I don’t have to please a publisher who wants mass sales by producing a formulaic ‘best seller’. My imagination is free to find and tell the stories that come to it.

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More pieces from my junk shelf 

Does that mean I don’t need money to live? No, I have bills to pay and I need to eat just like everyone else but I don’t want reward to be the primary focus for my creative efforts. That’s the capitalist trap we have to move away from. If you like what I do, then buy me a coffee https://ko-fi.com/adegrandis or just leave a message and tell me so; that means a lot to me, knowing someone likes and appreciates what I do. You can also find me at  fb.me/alaistairdegrandis

I write under the name Vagrant because that’s what I am – a person who wanders about from place to place, without regular work and who lives by begging (Go on buy me a coffee https://ko-fi.com/adegrandis )

All the best and thank you

Aidan Alastair de Grandis (Vagrant)

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Another collection of objects to tease the imagination.









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