Abandoned Spaces

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I am fascinated by overlooked, neglected and abandoned spaces and the life that they take on after they have fallen out of use by humans.   These urban wonderlands are historically and visually fascinating and sometimes just simply stunning in their beauty as with the ponds at Goldenhill.

I don’t mind if people want to use my photographs so long as you give me credit as the photographer and if you make shed loads of money from them (an unlikely scenario I know but one might as well be optimistic) please share some – it would come in handy!

The Mid Wales Hospital

midwales hospital 2

mid wales hospital


Goldenhill Ponds, Stoke on Trent, England.  An industrial wasteland left after the final closure of the Clough Hall iron and steel works, this small space wedged between the railway and the canal has been reclaimed by nature.   In the summer it is a riot of wildflowers and weeds and is as beautiful as Monet’s garden at Giverny.  I found them while walking with Dog along the Canal and had only my mobile phone with me so the phoitographs aren’t the best quality.


More Abandoned Spaces – 

Picture 043abandonned spaces 1


1. A disused out building on  a farm in West Wales







abandonned space 4

2. Windowsill in the Spode factory – where someone left this picture from a magazine.
There is a sense of unfinished business and waiting for a return to life in these buildings.office






abandonned space 3spode 3Abandonned spaces 1 picnic table at Spode works

spode inside 2 spode inside


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