Cracks in the Spires

Ben and Per may not be planning a return to Esperance but problems among the Elite force events down unforeseen pathways. There are rats everywhere, even in the Spires and if you corner them they’ll fight back. Essandra Tesh Vik is not going to be the plaything of sick old men and she’ll do anything to save her lover’s life. Even murder her own Grandfather if she has to but she might just have a better solution provided she can get the right help. Asken Verde is cynical and shrewd, he has to be to keep his job as the City’s Administrator but he has a secret passion; an efficient and thriving City. There’s one problem – the Elite and their greed; there’s a second which is that his colleagues all want his position. When circumstances bring ‘Uncle’ Varlon Esta into his life he finds himself planning a revolution. Ben and Per are dragged back into the affairs of Esperance because ‘Uncle’ Var does not take ‘No’ for an answer.