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Book Titles are a Bitch

Well for me they are – I happily write and paint then people want to know what it is called and I have to think of a name – ‘My Book ‘or ‘A Painting’ not being considered adequate by most people!   Language at its most demanding.  People do judge books by their covers and if the title doesn’t grab you are you likely to pick it up and open it?

Those of you who have been reading or at least checking up on the Exiles Within story that I’ve been blogging out in instalments may have noticed that today’s instalment has an additional name.   The Exiles Within – Rats in the Pipes.

The reason for this is that Rats in the Pipes was the orgiginal title I intended to publish the book under then I had one of those moments of doubt.  Perhaps people would be put off by the word Rats?  So I sat and thought and came up with an alternative and more literary title ‘The Exiles Within’  trouble is I’ve now had an even bigger moment of doubt and decided for better or worse to go back to the original title.  I think it suits the story and the characters better.  So in future the name will change though for a few weeks I’ll go on using both on the blog.

All this angst and nail biting has been brought on by the fact that the book is about to stop being my own personal plaything and is about to get published as an e-book.  This means certain decisions have to made and they , unlike everything up to now, will be final!  The scary moments of being an author are nothing to do with the writing and in my opinion everythng to do with sending your babies out into the big wide world to fend for themselves.   Still it’s got to be done!