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Right now life is the title of a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez -A Hundred years of Solitude – The first lockdown had its frustrations but this second lockdown drags heavily. Perhaps it is the psychological difference between Spring and Autumn though in general I love Autumn, more likely it is just second time around cynicism and ennui. It has its good side. I write, I write lots. I have a numb bum from the hours spent sitting. I’ve tried typing standing up but I’m just not that sort of person.

I am old enough to remember the beginnings of the internet in the 1990’s and to dream of its wonderful possibilities for human connection and the increase of knowledge and understanding. It seemed to belong to the new world order of openness and tolerance and equality. How wrong I was. It seems to facilitate the exact opposite. I’m an artist as well as a writer and a few years ago I painted the picture on the right. My feeling that social media was ushering in an age not of enlightenment but of ignorance and fear.