Additional Perceptions

oxwich seabird The image abve was taken by me late one evening in Cardigan Bay West Wales, an area known for its seals.  The seal is in fact a piece of driftwood!

To add to the seal that is not a seal, a bird that is not a bird.  A cuttlefish bone with seaweed and driftwood both found on the beach at Oxwich bay in the Gower on the south coast of Wales

lomo seed head

Flower Bud – looking like a strange insect

2012-06-25 17.54.45The image  on the right ais  flower bud just opening and looking with the sunlight catching it like some strange alien insect.
Taken with a lomo camera


I don’t mind if people want to use my photographs so long as you give me credit as the photographer and if you make shed loads of money from them (an unlikely scenario I know but one might as well be optimistic) please share some – it would come in handy!




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