Summer is icumen in
Lhude sing cuccu

A day out to reward ourselves for having done all the things we don’t like – DIY, housework, being tidy – so we can get the house on the market and depart these shores. Estate agents have been and we are now in a small hiatus before we have to be even more tidy in preparation for the advent of prospective purchasers. 1950’s swirly pyschadelic carpets replaced by restrained soft tone sandstone (musn’t call it beige) carpet. Much hoovering required to keep it clean but my other half is a lateral right brain thinker and identified the need to go straight to the source and is hoovering the dogs. They seem to like it or at least the treats that go with it! Dave’s installations, my pictures and all the various wonderful but eclectic pieces of art made by our friends plus half a library’s worth of books are all now stowed in friend’s barn and the house is suitably anodyne.

summer 3

Glorious sunshine and a glow of achievement prompted us to feel that we deserved a day out. Human nature being what it is we’re now back in the throes of intense passion for the beauty and variety that is the British Countryside. Still as Dave said it was only last week that we were wrapped in waterproofs and moaning about freezing in June.

summer 1

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