White Van Man, TTIP, Tea Parties and Democracy

So UKip won the Rochester by-election, Emily Thornberry resigned from the shadow cabinet and we can now all get back to being jingled to death and revelling in unnecessary festive stress.

white van rochesterFor anyone who is not British or more accurately does not live in Britain and is therefore wondering why tweeting a picture of a house with English flags and a white van is such a heinous offence as to cause resignation from the shadow cabinet let me try and explain.  Basically we are a nation of class conscious snobs.  We try to pretend we aren’t but we are.  To be caught displaying snobbery is to touch an extremely raw nerve.  Remember the Tory MP who called the policeman a ‘Pleb’?  He tried desperately to pretend he didn’t know what Pleb meant.   Unfortunately we all know that Plebeian is to be contrasted with Patrician in this country just as much as in ancient Rome.  White Van Man is of course the ultimate modern plebeian.     UKip said she had “sneered, and looked down her nose at a white van in Strood in front of a house with the cross of St George on it”.  The resident of the house, Dan Ware, said Ms Thornberry – the MP for Islington South and Finsbury – was a “snob”.   There you have it.  Sayonara Emily!

UKip promote themselves as the party of the people; as reflectors of the groundswell of anti-Westminster sentiment, a sort of ‘plague on all your houses’ feeling that pervades Britain right now.   It is therefore somewhat ironic that their first two MPS are Conservative party defectors, dyed in the wool Westminster apparatchiks both of them, both of them defected to UKip and these by elections are incumbents retaining their seats albeit under a different label.   Something rather lost in all the hype.

What do people not like about our three main party leaders?  Well for a start, being out of touch millionaires, public school educated toffs who know nothing and care less for the lives of ordinary people.  Enter the people’s champion, our Nigel, public school educated from the stockbroker belt, affluent City executive (possibly very affluent, possibly even millionaire) the only difference is he didn’t go to Oxbridge.  His biography says he chose not to but we all know what that means!  So now, as someone who did go to Oxford, I’m indulging in intellectual snobbery – Oh slap my wrist!  I shall be joining poor Emily in the doghouse.

Mark Reckless the new UKip MP is quoted as saying
‘If you believe in freedom, if you believe in low taxes, if you believe in clean government, if you believe in localism, if you believe in people power.  If you believe that the world is bigger than Europe, if you believe in an independent Britain, then come with us and we will give you back your country.’

I don’t think so.  This party of the people who promises to give power back to the people is a fervent supporter of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaty.  Privatisation of the NHS is also on the agenda.  Blow the froth off Mr Farage’s pint and what you have is a party that loves big business, wants to slash taxes for the rich, wants out of Europe because it doesn’t like regulations that restrict business and allow the free movement of people,  wants less interference and state regulation, more privatisation and to roll back the ‘nanny state’.  It begins to sound very like we’ve got our own Tea Party.  What jolly fun!

Mr Reckless also said ‘If we can win here, we can win across the country. If you vote Ukip, you get Ukip.’   Well you can’t say you haven’t been warned.   At the moment the electorate in England resemble nothing so much as turkeys voting for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Still Scottish independence is rumbling like a volcano that doesn’t know it is supposed to be extinct; never mind settled for a generation one debate at Westminster and the usual weaselling of politicians has stirred it to life again.   I suspect Mr Farage would be quite happy to get rid of a bunch of troublesome immigrants from North of the Border, after all we’ve been taking English jobs for years and years.  I wonder what house prices are like in Caithness these days.

Ho, Ho, Ho, and a Merry Christmas to you too Mr Farage.

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