Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Ok so I think I did the first bit right which was to thank hessianwithteeth for nominating me.  I’m new to blogging so I haven’t got may head round it all yet –  I don’t think I linked back to their site I hope I’ve done that now – their site is great and their stuff is worth reading.

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site. (check)

2. Mention the rules. Enjoy  (check)

3. Nominate who you think should receive this award and let them know on their sites.  – (check)

My nominations are

  1. (I don’t see why you can’t have two after all you are two bloggers!)

4. Tell the blogging world something they don’t know about you. (check +see below)

Things you didn’t know about me and may now wish you still didn’t –

  1. I have a dog called Shepton who is an existentialist philospher having eaten a copy of 2012-09-28 23.17.53‘Being and Nothingness’ as a puppy.
  2. I live with a performance poet and his alter ego Ken Crow
  3. I come from the bit of Scotland that even the Scots call the frozen north.



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